Historian is a furry

About Google AdSense...

1. Why???

Yes, I know many users dont like ads (and much less Google) but in my current situation I can't
really afford to not run any ads given current hosting and project costs.

2. Ok cool story bro but why AdSense?

After a month's testing multiple different ad servers on our sist-.. cousin site we've found AdSense to be the
least shady.. somehow. I shouldn't name the other options we tried but between fake download links and
questionable material AdSense is the only one that serves SFW, unobtrusive ads that arent designed to coerce users into clicking.

3. Can I opt out of ads?

Yep. There aren't currently (and will never be) any sort of anti-adblocking mechanisms in place
so you can use something like Adblock Plus or NoScript to prevent ads from loading.

4. Will ads ever be removed?

Yes. Once we find a better solution or an income source that eclipses or surpases what AdSense makes on the site
it will be removed.

Last Updated May, 21st 2022