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Advertising Via SnoopieWorld!

1. How To Advertise.

Snoopatizing is easy!~ Assuming you're already a Square Wave Tier Member or higher all you need to do is create an advertisement (or two for Sawtooth Wave Tier Members) according to the stipulations and specifications listed below then submit it to me for approval and deployment. Thank you (so very much) for donating!~

2. What do SnoopieWorld Advertisements Look Like?

Uhm, something (exactly) like this, cool right?

SnoopieWorld Advertisement. Your Ad Here?

3. Stipulations and Specifications.

Because we'd very much like to keep SnoopieWorld.NET a clean safe place for all (and want to remain on-line and thus not in violation of the ToS for our hosting provider) we have a comprehensive list of a few rules which are fairly common sense but if i don't put them down in writing someone WILL get ████ed.


  1. No rapidly flashing animations.
  2. No NSFW/NSFL Content.
  3. No links advertising/linking to scam, phishing or malware sites.
  4. The advertisement and linked content should not be morally reprehensible.
  5. If there is to be hidden text in the images it needs to follow these rules too.
  6. The advertisement must have something to do with the site it links to.
  7. Linking to sites and or resources that are not expressly run, owned, or created by you is discouraged.
  8. Advertisements for commercial or "for profit" organizations is discouraged.
  9. No *political advertisements.
  10. The advertisement and and linked site must not break any laws (unless such laws violate human rights).
  11. Finding loopholes in the rules is against the rules.

SnoopiTek reserves the right to reject (and refund if so desired) any advertisement for any arbitrary reason.
Which has happened 0 Times.


  1. The advertisement must have a resolution of 728 X 90.
  2. The advertisement must be UNDER 250KB.
  3. The advertisement must be in a major supported file format (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc).
  4. The advertisement must NOT BE WEBP.
  5. Its HEAVILY encouraged to include the target URL in the design but that is not a stipulation.

4. Submission.

Advertisement created? Target URL picked? Follow all the stipulations? Created to specification? Epic! Sounds like you're ready to submit your advertisement for deployment! to do so simply follow these steps:

Steps to Submit:

  1. Collect your Target URL, Completed Advertisement, and Contact Email.
  2. Navigate to the Contact Us section and grab the most up to date email.
  3. Send an email to said address containing the resources in Step 1.
  4. Expect a reply in under a week!

And there you have it! Between a day and 2 weeks your advertisement should now be being shown to users across SnoopieWorld.NET!


frequently not-asked questions

Q: I saw an ad for something I made, I didn't give permission and I hate it.
A: Oh! Very sorry about that, if I were to guess someone submitted an advertisement for your service without asking. If this is bad please contact me at the top of this page and send me an email so we can sort this out.

Q: Rule 7 exists but I want to advertise my YouTube channel, is that ok?
A: Though discouraged linking to your social media profiles (Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, etc) is allowed as long as they follow the rest of the rules.

Q: Rule 7 exists but I have permission from the owner to advertise, is that ok?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Im gonna submit an ad linking to a site that obviously breaks the rules and am just going to assume you wont check it to make sure.
A: I'm gonna check it.

Q: Its legal in brazil so it should be ok with rule 10 right?
A: Rule 10 applies to any law in any country with United States laws taking precedent as that's where the server is located. So just because its legal in Albania doesn't mean it overrides US laws.

Q: No NSFW? Mind elaborating on that a bit?
A: NSFW stands for "Not Safe For Work" so it makes sense for that to be how its enforced. If a user's boss is looking over their shoulder and sees your advertisement then gets fired its not allowed.

Q: NSFL..?
A: No blood, excrement or anything that belongs inside a toilet, your body, a womb (or similar).

Q: Oi Its been over 2 weeks why haven't I gotten a reply?
A: Spam.. probably. Try resubmitting.

Q: Is my data collected? if so how much?
A: Data collection and utilization is 100% consistent with the rest of the website .

Last Updated July, 23rd 2022